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We are just starting to develop our site and any thoughts or suggestions which might make our site more informative would be appreciated.

Developing this site is a major undertaking and may take some time to get it working like we hope. Eventually we would like to offer the ability for people to join our site and chat, share photos, write blogs, etc. One step at a time though, we need to finish setting the site up.

We have two very talented web designers who are collaborating on this site. One has developed websites for large real estate brokers that wanted their agents to be able to update and modify their own listings without disrupting the whole site. Each agent had their own username and password which would only allow them access to modify certain pages.

We would like to develop KWMunch.com along those lines and allow each fetish or kink to be updated and managed by someone who is familiar with the unique terms of their interest. We hope our site will become more informative and educational than one that just gives one persons point of view.

Our goal is for the site to be available to any kink or fetish that people can think of. If someone has interest in balloons we would like to make our site available for them to find other looners and they can be in charge of that fetish. We can give them admin rights to change and update just that page. That way the entire site can be updated by the people who understand their fetish.

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